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BF3 Division Recruiting Members

BF3 Division Recruiting Members

Jan 24, 2012



bf3 rg 2012

[RG] Reality Gaming BF3 –> Recruiting Mature Gamers


If you’re looking for a great group of people to game with, then look no further!

Jump on Teamspeak3 and meet the bunch. We are a mature, teamwork orientated group of experienced players who enjoy both casual and serious gaming.

The Reality clan has been around since 2007 with a history in a variety of online games, most notably BF2 and ArmA2. With the recent release of BF3 we are looking to shift gears back into the Battlefield universe.

We are currently recruiting MATURE players that are looking for a no hassle, care free place to play, so apply for membership today!

Teamspeak 3
See site for Details.

We currently have a 32 player server based in the UK.


bf3 server details



No dues, just donations. send pm on forums to me, Order and we’ll hook you up.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to maintain a community of adult gamers that enjoy a bit of online squadplay and teamwork in order to overcome obstacles. While being dedicated to the games we play, we are also aware of the restrictions of Real Life and subsequently operate in a fairly flexible manner.


We hope to see you on the battlefield.

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