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Close Quarters Gameplay Trailer ‘Ziba Tower’

Close Quarters Gameplay Trailer ‘Ziba Tower’

Apr 2, 2012




Reality Gaming are looking forward to the next Battlefield 3 DLC. It looks like there will be some firefights to rival the mayhem at Metro very soon.

The upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC Close Quarters is a close quarter infantry maps. The initial spec sheet from DICE revealed player sizes of 2-16, which is real small. Now we have the first video of the Close Quarters map. Absolute carnage!


Close Quarters Gameplay Trailer ‘Ziba Tower’



Windows smashing, straight out of Die Hard’s Nakatomi Plaza


Who’s cleaning that mess up come Monday morning?


Hugs and Man love are much the trend in this DLC


Bullet holes in the glass? Yes please 


Camera shot of the Mini-map. It’s gonna be tighter than…Meow!


You can join our BF3 division now and enjoy playing this expansion with friends.


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