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The Road to the Territorial Army

The Road to the Territorial Army

Jan 27, 2012

Date 25/1/2012

The Road to the Territorial Army

Hello everyone at Reality Gaming, as you know I am Technoelite.


My Real name if you look on Facebook is Aaron Wilkinson. Been knocking around with these lovable fellows for four years. I am a student of History Studying at Canterbury Christ Church University which is in Kent England for any one not from the United Kingdom.
If you don’t know me that well when I was sixteen I was down to join the Royal Air Force, things changed due to a horrible football injury which caused my lower jaw to come out of place. With this I had to work extremely hard to reach University as it was my only alternative, and become the first to do so in my family. After having the operation done in June 2011 I can at last go for what I want but due to my time teaching at university, I have discovered that teaching has become a passion and I want to channel what I know and my grit and determination to actually engage people in history.
If you are wondering where this is going, well today I had a meeting with the Kent area Recruitment officer for the Army, why the change in service well the Royal Air Force is being nerfed. Any way the Captain was quick and fast and didn’t pressure me into anything and said you are exactly the person we need in the Army who can handle situations and can analyse information on the go. Now I suppose you want to know what I am aiming for Medical Core or Westminster Yeomanry which deals with NBC threats and mobile tank support warfare. If you know me in person I am a bit of a weakling and not that strong but I believe if I can set myself a goal anything I possible. 

The Army has a rule about they cant sign some one on till a year after an operation but a loop hole will be used in my case to say that I am fit to Train and by the I finish training I be able to sign on. Hope that makes sense.

This is why I am writing this blog to keep you guy informed of my Progress, if I fail I tried all that I can but I wont fail, people like Andrews, Lightning etc know I am a determined SOB and wont let people down.

So my overall goal is to Reach Sandhurst and also get on Deployment, Cyprus or Kosovo is my Goal. I will keep you posted of how Training weekends go and how also I am working on my physical fitness.

Thanks for Reading, 


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  1. Excellent blog mate, can’t wait to read more.


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