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AAV – Tora Bora Operations (12/02/2012)

AAV – Tora Bora Operations (12/02/2012)

Feb 21, 2012


Reality Gaming conducting Operation within Tora Bora.




On Sunday 12th of November, RG Special Operations force conducted several operations within the region known as Tora Bora. Several objectives were completed and we look forward to more deployments in this AO.

 Mission content:

The Outpost
The US Forces just build their Outpost, defend it against the attackers.

The Patrol
It’s time to get familiar with the area and do a patrol.

The Mountain
The Outpost took mortar fire, neutralize the mortar side and a mountain camp.

The Raid
Arrest a warlord.

 Mission #1

First deployment 12-2-12 objective Defend the FOB from multiple hostile advances.

 Mission #2

Second deployment of the night, locate and destroy ammo caches in village and surrounding area, high hostile presence.


 Mission #3

 Third deployment of the night, search and destroy, high hostile presence.


 Mission #4

 Fourth deployment, locate and capture known terrorist leader, bring back alive, heavy resistance expected. 


Raw helmet footage Recorded by Cpl.C-Fudge – Reality Gaming enlisted soldier. 

Download Tora Bora island here: ARMAHOLIC LINK

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