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War in Takistan: Operation Iron rains

War in Takistan: Operation Iron rains

Feb 21, 2012


CO20 – War in Takistan: Operation Iron rains



DATE: FRI 24 FEB 2012

We have a casual gathering on TS this friday night conducting operations on WIT. You will need to use a working microphone and VOIP. External communities are welcome although RG HQ will dictate all mission objectives.


  • More than 70 Missions dynamic (convoy, ambush, defend the zone, destroy some goals etc.)
  • 8 levels of increasing difficulty (by default)
  • 8 Levels of team ranking
  • 7 Levels of personnal ranking
  • 2 game modes: Simulation game and arcade game (easier)
  • Open and close game, and also a domination mode
  • IED attacked, IA trap vehicles, use mortars, smokes, communicate, send reinforcements troops from enemy base
  • Generation of conflict zone around goals
  • Dynamic management of addons: weapons, vehicles, infantry addons on the server are automatically available
  • Different roles: only medics can revive players, only engineers can repair vehicles unlocker, detect IEDs
  • Different clothes !
  • Dynamic management of the problem: The mission adjusts the difficulty based on the number of players on the server, which also allows single player and up to 40
  • Dynamic performance: The mission fits server performance to ensure optimal gameplay.
  • Several Ingame video
  • 2 langages: English, French
Reserved slots will be held for Reality Gaming enlisted personnel. 


  1. Ill Should be there..

  2. Tested on the server, working good :)

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