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The Reality Blog

The Reality Blog

Jan 24, 2012

It might seem a little weird to be reading a welcome message on a blog that has been running for well over a year now. However, over this weekend the website formerly known as has evolved into a new, more powerful, more awesome-looking form:, and along with it.

 We hope that you’ll like them.

What does this change mean? Well, for one, it gives us a new website with some more and better functionality and a new look. It also has some features helpful for us to better integrate into the admin and staff posting system. For those of you who enjoy following the blog, don’t worry.

Everything here will keep on like before, just with a fancy new name.

We hope that you enjoy the site, and that you’ll continue enjoying the discussions on the latest news in online gaming, eSports, and updates from the Reality Gaming team. It’ll be fun times.

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